Technical Manager

Job Description:

1. Performs the immediate operational, technical and administrative management of the construction site;

2. Examines the design accounting documentation and working drawings in detail; 

3. Controls and coordinates the work of subcontractors; 

4. Controls the construction site; reviews and submits work projects to contractors; 

5. Timely draws up acts of all performed works and draws up new acts of corrected and subsequently recognized works by the investor; 

6. Monitors the quality and timely preparation of reporting documents; 

7. Checks the calculations and initials all invoices for services rendered, materials received, machinery used, etc.; 

8. Prepares and signs the standardized planning tasks, orders, etc.; 

9. Prepares requests for materials, mechanization, workforce; 

10. Draws up the documents that the investor signs; 

11. Creates conditions and takes care of professional training and raising the qualifications of workers;

12. Provides the necessary protective equipment and instruction at the site in relation to labor protection and fire protection;

13. Does not allow work to be carried out under dangerous and health-damaging conditions;

14. Accepts the work performed by the foremen in terms of quantity and quality;

15. Reports the execution of the construction and hands it over to the investor;

16. Removes (closes) the object from the report;

17. Performs technological control of the quality of the construction and of the materials supplied to the site;

18. Controls the correct arrangement and storage of building materials.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Implementation of the plan by all indicators;

2. Timely and quality delivery of the types of works, stages, objects;

3. Achieving the planned labor productivity;

4. The safe and healthy working conditions at the site and the prevention of accidents and work accidents;

5. Personal material, disciplinary and criminal responsibility for the damage caused through his/her fault and joint responsibility for hidden supervision of the direct perpetrators of the damage;

6. The most economical use of raw materials, materials and energy.


1. The position is directly subordinated to the manager of the company.

2. Subordinate positions - construction crews.

3. Replaceable by – construction technician.

Job Requirements

1. Must know:

a) normative acts in the field of Territorial and settlement planning and construction

b) methods and technology of the construction and assembly works

c) properties and qualities of the materials

Position Requirements

1. Education: higher technical, secondary special;

2. Professional experience: work experience in the specialty;

3. Excellent communication skills;

4. Excellent organizational skills;

5. Computer literacy - Windows; AutoCAD; Office package - Word, Excel, Outlook;

6. Knowledge of foreign languages is an advantage;

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